Specifications of Suzuki Skydrive 125
Type Spokes Wheel Alloy Wheel
The Size and Weight
Length x Width x Height 655 x 1,885 x 1,040 mm.
Weight 105 kgs. 106 kgs.
Type 4-stroke, Single Overthead Camshaft
Cooling System Cooled by air
Bore x Stroke Width 53.5 x 55.2 mm.
Cylinder 124 cc.
The Ignition System Electronically (Transistors)
Compression Ratio 9.6 : 1
Fuel Supply System The nozzle DCP-FI (Fuel Injection)
Ignition System Kick / electric starter
Lubrication System Wet
Transmission System
Clutch Dry, automatic centrifugal center
Transmission Automatic V-Belt (V-BELT)
Wheelbase 1260 mm.
The Distance from The Floor 140 mm.
The Lancaster / Trail 25.6 ° / 100 mm.
Front Page Shock and Telescopic Tele
Rear Suspension Engines with Coil Spring
Brakes Disc brakes
The Rear Brakes Drum brakes
Front Tires 70/90-14M/C 34P
Rear Tire Size 80/90-14M/C 40P
Wheel The spokes in the wheel Alloy
Fuel Unleaded gasoline or fuel oil
octane91 more
Capacity Fuel Tank 4 liters